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Spoken Notes – A New Feature

Yesterday I wrote about the challenges teachers and administration face due to issue of cheating and getting around‘s algorithms.

Something released a month ago appeared on my radar today: spoken notes that can be attached by a teacher. My reaction was “Niiice!”

Check out the short demonstration video below:

Questions for you

Are you using for your papers?

Is the equivalent of using a chainsaw to cut a piece of paper for your needs? If so, what do you use to provide feedback/suggestions?


Greenifying SLC Info Session

Tomorrow I will revisit the ”Greenifying SLC Info Session” in E1 at 1230.

The topic has exploded in the media and as such so have the tools and ideas. I will present and discuss what will turn out to be a small number of tips/tools available. If you are a part of the SLC community please stop by, an RSVP is not necessary.