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The Sarah Lawrence College Technology Survey 2009-2010 Response Numbers and Chart

A 29.97% response rate from the Sarah Lawrence Community without any incentives… Fantastic!

Below is the response chart for the tech survey. As you can see the response rate jumps significantly after a reminder is sent. Below the chart are the numbers used to create the graph.

Additional data will be posted soon. The survey close at midnight last night.

Click to view complete graph

Date    Total Responses    Complete Responses    Incomplete Responses    Remaining        Time
4/13/2010*    0    0    0    2161    launch    12:00
4/14/2010    161    136    25    2025        9:00
4/15/2010    179    152    27    2009        9:00
4/16/2010*    186    159    27    2002    reminder
4/19/2010    285    240    45    1921        9:15
4/20/2010*    295    251    44    1910    reminder    9:53
4/21/2010    359    304    55    1857        10:00
4/22/2010    369    313    56    1848        12:00
4/23/2010*    372    316    56    1845    reminder    9:00
4/26/2010*    432    368    64    1793    reminder    9:54
4/27/2010    557    467    90    1558    closed    9:13

* = reminder sent


The Sarah Lawrence College Technology Survey 2009-2010

After some tweaks based on feedback after last year’s initial technology survey I launched, what is now, the 2nd Annual Technology Survey at The Sarah Lawrence College using LimeSurvey. If you are in academia and use LimeSurvey please contact me if you are interested in using our survey at your campus.

This year we released the survey to the entire campus in one fell swoop – last year we released it in two phases: students then faculty and staff.

I will be tracking the daily numbers and will post response rates as I did last year.

The important changes/additions include:

  • iPad interest and purchase plans
  • eBook interest
  • eReader interest and purchase plans
  • Microsoft Office ownership, use, and interest in purchasing a discounted copy
  • Open text field asking for suggested uses of any technology for use on- and off-campus. We asked them to think big!
  • Due to the financial standing of the institution no incentive was made available.

Stay tuned.

Tech Survey Response Graph

While the student body was taking the Tech Survey I noted the response rates daily. Below is the end result.

Of significance is the dates where the data takes a significant upswing. Dates in the graph marked with *’s indicate that the invitation or a reminder was sent to those that had not completed the survey. The graph was created using Gryphon Mail Docs. The spreadsheet can be viewed here.