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Q: How Do I Easily Print from my iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)? A: xPrintServer

Lantronix has taken the difficult, printing from your iOS device, and made it easy. Über easy.

At home, in a shared environment with others (ex: residence halls), or in the office this tiny (the size of an iPhone) device will bring smiles to everyone and make you look like a tech necromancer.

They want everyone to be able to use the xPrintServer.


Ready for the 1, 2, 3?


Open it. Plug it in. Print.


How much does it cost?

About $150.

Suggestion: There is no harm in asking for education discounts. 😉

Watch their entertaining take on how an IT guy can bring joy to everyone’s day.

More details about the xPrintServer can be found here:


The Printer is Going Wireless

Google released “Cloud Printing” today for Windows users. Read the announcement here:

This means you can be on the road and print your important document at your printer of choice. It’s that simple. No biggie, right? Of course the printer is going wireless, isn’t everything?

It’s time to install the application and print while on the way to school/work! Hold that thought.

Academia is often slower to deploy such eye popping technologies for a variety of reasons, support being one of the biggest. Security is incredibly important and the I.T. world is not known for it’s rapid deployment of new technologies. The path followed is likely to be described as “Tried and true.” It’s safe and it’s proven. Two words a CIO will like.

What is the present state of printing at your institution?

  • Can you print via the wireless network?
  • Can you print from a laptop via Ethernet or wireless?
  • Can you print to any printer or only a select printer?
  • Do you have to swipe a card to release a job?

What would be the best solution for you – students, faculty, staff?