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PC Mag’s 100 Undiscovered site of 2007

From PC Mag:“Our list of the new and/or undiscovered Web sites that have grabbed our attention this year. You’ll see a large collection of Web applications and tech sites, excellent blogs, offbeat social networks, and, as always, a handful of addictive Flash games for those slow days at work.

Some of these sites are completely under the radar and get very little traffic. Others are hugely popular within a specific demographic. But all of them deserve to be in your bookmarks.”


32 Flavors of Anti-virus Checking

It’s like Baskin-Robbins without the chocolate, or the vanilla, or, well, I guess it’s not like Baskin-Robbins at all.  But, it is an interesting option to scan files possibly infected –

There is a plug-in for Windows users to send a file directly to VirusTotal. Very nice.