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Syncing a GMail Calendar with Entourage and iCal w/Calgoo

I have read blogs and forums on how to do this but ran into troubles or became frustrated by the instructions.

Background – My primarily calendar is in GMail. All my calendars are caldev’d in iCal. Entourage was recently installed on my work machine meaning I had zero events in its calendar.

Without noting clicks for ‘next’ or other similar buttons Here is the ultra streamlined version…

  1. Open Entourage
    1. in Preferences, Sync Services, click Synchronize events and tasks with iCal and MobileMe
  2. Open iCal and verify that a new calendar called ‘Exchange’ has been created
  3. Open Calgoo
    1. create a new connection,
    2. use the Sync an Apple iCal Calendar with a Google Calendar option,
    3. name the connection — I used: ical 2 gmail,
    4. click iCal, click the box next to Entourage,
    5. enter your GMail user|pass,
    6. select a GMail calendar,
    7. and finish up
  4. Optional – In the Calgoo settings change the Synchronization frequency; it is set to 1 hour by default.
  5. In iCal, un-check the Entourage calendar so it is not displayed

If you run into any troubles with these steps please post a comment below.

Voila. Your GMail, caldev’d iCal, and Entourage calendars will sync every xx minutes. Add events in any of the three calendars noted (GMail, caldev’d iCal, Entourage) and you’ll see the new event in all three applications (web, iCal, Entourage) pending the Calgoo Synchronization frequency – I set mine to 10 minutes.

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RSS SucceSS?

Techies try to teach friends and family about the simplicity of RSS. More sites than ever before offer access to RSS feeds for, well, name it. Now, 10 years after the first version of the concept was developed (March 1999) one of the greatest technologies on the inter-tubes is used by a small percentage of people.


I have presented workshops on how RSS can save time and consolidate information someone is interested in. I have set-up friends and family to use a number of RSS applications (on- and off-line) but to this day I am still one of the only people in my circle of friends and family that use an RSS reader. I’m baffled.

Things take time but… 10+ years?

I can only feel that the implementation simply has not found the proper niche yet. Very few people hesitate to log-on to a web based system to check their email or their social network updates. How is it that UI developers have not considered this type of ‘feed’ into their own systems? If I were able to log-on to Facebook and could see my friends news updates and news updates from my favorite sources… Well, I just might spend more time on Facebook learning about something in the news and then share it with my friends, colleagues, and/or everyone else I’m ‘friends’ with on the site.

Maybe this is the way RSS will work. Maybe it isn’t.

Do you have thoughts on how to make RSS more accessible to the masses? Have you found the ‘key’ to inspire someone to use RSS? If you have, please comment below.

PC Mag’s 100 Undiscovered site of 2007

From PC Mag:“Our list of the new and/or undiscovered Web sites that have grabbed our attention this year. You’ll see a large collection of Web applications and tech sites, excellent blogs, offbeat social networks, and, as always, a handful of addictive Flash games for those slow days at work.

Some of these sites are completely under the radar and get very little traffic. Others are hugely popular within a specific demographic. But all of them deserve to be in your bookmarks.”

32 Flavors of Anti-virus Checking

It’s like Baskin-Robbins without the chocolate, or the vanilla, or, well, I guess it’s not like Baskin-Robbins at all.  But, it is an interesting option to scan files possibly infected –

There is a plug-in for Windows users to send a file directly to VirusTotal. Very nice.