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Memorial Day Weekend

The week is almost over and the long weekend if about to begin. I’ll be out until mid-week so the blorgs will be on pause until I return.

I wish you all a safe and happy holiday weekend!


Spoken Notes – A New Feature

Yesterday I wrote about the challenges teachers and administration face due to issue of cheating and getting around‘s algorithms.

Something released a month ago appeared on my radar today: spoken notes that can be attached by a teacher. My reaction was “Niiice!”

Check out the short demonstration video below:

Questions for you

Are you using for your papers?

Is the equivalent of using a chainsaw to cut a piece of paper for your needs? If so, what do you use to provide feedback/suggestions?

Resume Fabrication

Recently, Yahoo! CEO Scott Thompson’s incorrect resume caught the tech world by storm. What did he do wrong?

According to his resume he has a computer science degree. Whoops, he doesn’t, even though that detail was included in an SEC filing and in several public bios. Walk that one back why don’t ya.

This week at Sarah Lawrence College students are preparing to walk at commencement and then off into the working world. On their resumes are internships, part time jobs and various skill sets that will hopefully help them find a job so they can begin paying off their student loans, buy dinner, and do something fun with their friends.

At a large company like Yahoo! one might think that this kind of thing wouldn’t happen… Ever!

What does this mean for the recent graduate who may have been manipulating their online presence during the time as an under-grad. Is that even possible? Better yet, will an employer care?

Recent graduates are not expected to have years worth of job history on their resume. It is a foot in the door that will help them sell their amazing skills. Some fields require extensive proof of training but at a liberal arts institution the sky is the limit and you never know what you’re going to see on someone’s resume.

Do students manipulate their resume to stand out? Is someone going to check to see if everything on the resume is true?

I think I’ll end with a bigger question, are resume’s becoming a thing of the past due to social media and online reputation options?

Yawn. It’s 4/20.

It’s the big day when 4/20 makes it’s way into the main stream media and college students are presented as pot smoking hippies.


The ultimate 420 moment just passed by and I can say that I did not see any large groups outside or anyone flocking to be outside at 4:20 on 4/20.

Even in the social media circles, 4/20 is a ‘meh’ item that only a few people mention in passing.

This is one of those times where the press makes the news. Students are not always looking to get wasted.

Put a lid on the advertising posts and just enjoy the day.

Instagram Welcomes Their New Overlords


The news broke while I was discussing the Annual Technology Survey with my student employee seconds after I had said that I added Pinterist to the list of social media sites. She they asked “What about Instagram?” This led to a discussion about the sudden growth of new friends in the app (thanks Android) and how we could leverage either/both.

I looked over and my screen and there it was: “Facebook Buys Instagram For $1 Billion”

My first reaction was:

Guess I’ll find another app to use when I get a smartphone.

Then I started reading other reactions and the vast majority were of the same opinion. The Facebook backlash is officially a part of the online culture. The entertaining side of this is where I read many of the comments. You guessed it…


Students, faculty, and staff are going to continue using apps like these on their phones or are they?

How would you say this the sentence?

I am going to (continue to use/stop using) Instagram.

Post your version in the comments.

Sarah Lawrence Library Survey Report 2010

The Sarah Lawrence College Library posted it’s response to the community today.

The Main Library, Music Library, Visual Resources, and Help Desk staff have all carefully reviewed the survey results from this year’s library survey, and have written a report that addresses the majority of concerns and issues brought up. You can download a PDF of the report here:

We use the results to figure out which areas we need to improve our service, and also to plan for the future. We’re constantly striving to find ways to better serve the Sarah Lawrence community, and your feedback is much appreciated! Many thanks to all who participated.

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