Historical Map Images on the Web and in Google Earth

Have you ever had a faculty member or a student ask you how they could see what something looked like in the past in a certain part of the world?

There are many resources on the web to see how things use to be. Some are limited, some are expansive. Here are a few that I’ve found and used in the classroom.

One that stands out to me is Google Earth’s historical map data.

Embedded in the Google Earth app is global imagery and even contains balloon images taken by the Joe on the street. There is information on how you can make your own balloon with little expense to you or your institution. Source: http://google-latlong.blogspot.com/2012/04/balloon-and-kite-imagery-in-google.html

Here is a brief Google Early how-to video to view historical maps.

Other resources

What map sites or resources do you use in the classroom or recommend to students and faculty?


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