Yawn. It’s 4/20.

It’s the big day when 4/20 makes it’s way into the main stream media and college students are presented as pot smoking hippies.


The ultimate 420 moment just passed by and I can say that I did not see any large groups outside or anyone flocking to be outside at 4:20 on 4/20.

Even in the social media circles, 4/20 is a ‘meh’ item that only a few people mention in passing.

This is one of those times where the press makes the news. Students are not always looking to get wasted.

Put a lid on the advertising posts and just enjoy the day.


2 responses to this post.

  1. My first year at SLC, there were so many people on the lawn at 4:20, smoking, that security couldn’t even approach with getting high via second hand smoke.

    While I agree that it has been seriously reduced, subsequently, from the public eye, 4/20 remains a pretty big holiday for all of my stoner friends.

    Students might not be always looking to get wasted, but they’re certainly not “saying not” either.


    • Thanks for the feedback, lfauset.

      It appears that it’s gone into the private spaces where those interested gather and share a collective experience. Very different from what the average Joe reads/hears in the news.


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