The Facebook of 2012 Goes Back to its 2004 Roots

Yesterday the Facebook of old reared its head! No you don’t have to request a Facebook page for your school. Soon, schools will soon have their own private Idaho within something called “Groups for Schools.”

Here’s what Facebook has to say about:

See what’s happening around campus!

  • Find groups for your classes, clubs, and more
  • Post files like lecture notes or assignments
  • Easily message other students and teachers

Of course, it’s an obvious step for the massive social site. It’s actually a surprise that it didn’t happen sooner. Oh, say, when groups were pushed out to their user base as the perfect place to talk with friends and, groups.

Why are they going back to their roots?

I suspect they know what everyone else knows: Facebook has gotten to be too big at nearly 1 billion users. Yes, with a B.

It’s incredibly difficult to have a conversation with a stadium of people. Have you noticed?  There’s so much noise and the filters don’t do enough to make it easy for the everyday Facebook user.

The solution I hear (and have heard from students and non-students) is to remove friends who aren’t impacting their News Feed. That approach makes sense to me. Or will something like this back to the roots of Facebook idea have an impact?

Who is out of luck?

All students who graduate and lose their .edu address will have to say good-bye to their school group. If you’re a student, now is the time to push for an alum email address via Google Apps or Microsoft Live@edu.

When will it be available?

Great question. Facebook said that they will communicate the news when their school group is available. I you want to be sure you are in the know, go to the Groups for Schools page, search for your school, then add your email address to be notified.


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