Weather Vs. Technology – Fight!

This past Friday I sat outside during my lunch to enjoy some non-office time and breath in the fresh air. The temperature was nice, not hot, not cool though a soft breeze reminded me that it was still early spring.

Students were out and about. Some in groups, some walking to, or perhaps fro, others were sitting on the grass enjoying the company and the day. Something struck me, there was nary a smartphone or computer in sight. It was as though I’d stepped back to the year 2000 when cell phones, tablets, and (truly) portable laptops were the rare sight and not the norm.

What happened?

I may be wrong but I believe that the weather trumped technology on this day.

The semester is not quite at the point where students are scrambling to finish their work and if the weather is nice on a Friday the real social networking happens. I saw students mocking others after they were out of sight – or just far enough away that they wouldn’t hear. Some shared in great news and laughed with each other at something humorous. Then there were those who simply kept each other company.

I didn’t see people talking to each other while one, or more, typed away or looked at their phone.

It was in-person social networking like we’re used to seeing… Er, we were used to seeing pre-handheld technologies. I was floored but couldn’t help wonder what was the catalyst. Was it because it was Friday and the students wanted a break from their daily lives?

Truth be told, it’s not something that shocked me. Though I certain did enjoy seeing the lack f tech.

Students are like everyone else, they get tired of things and this day was a day for the infamous in-person human interaction game. I smiled and wondered if other days and other schools shared this experience.

Have you seen anything like this, at any institution, that made you stop for a moment to consider “Well that’s not what I normally see…” because the students seemed to unconscious and collectively decide to stop doing the ‘normal’ thing they usually do?


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