Instagram Welcomes Their New Overlords


The news broke while I was discussing the Annual Technology Survey with my student employee seconds after I had said that I added Pinterist to the list of social media sites. She they asked “What about Instagram?” This led to a discussion about the sudden growth of new friends in the app (thanks Android) and how we could leverage either/both.

I looked over and my screen and there it was: “Facebook Buys Instagram For $1 Billion”

My first reaction was:

Guess I’ll find another app to use when I get a smartphone.

Then I started reading other reactions and the vast majority were of the same opinion. The Facebook backlash is officially a part of the online culture. The entertaining side of this is where I read many of the comments. You guessed it…


Students, faculty, and staff are going to continue using apps like these on their phones or are they?

How would you say this the sentence?

I am going to (continue to use/stop using) Instagram.

Post your version in the comments.


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