Students go ga-ga for ‘Undo Send’

Every time I tell students about the lab feature Undo Send within seconds they are giddy with excitement about how much this is going to save them. That’s right – going to. Inevitably their thoughts go back to an email they wish they could have unsent but the possibility of never having that worry again is mesmerizing.

At a student club leader presentation two weeks ago I reviewed a number of labs and explained Undo Send. Note – I had approximatley 5-10 minutes to review the entire Google Apps suite so I was going quickly. About 3 seconds after I explained Undo Send and had paused for effect one student literally gasped with jaw agape! You could see the “OMG HFCIT FTW” look across her face. She was elated.

Though not at profound a reaction, possibly because of the brain melt that has affected them, students also smile a the fact that they can change the undo time from 5 seconds to 10 seconds.

Tasks has graduated to become an official part of GMail, when will Undo Send.

Nobody has snubbed the lab feature. Yet. Will someone? I’d be amazed.

Read the GMail blog on Undo Send:


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