Naming a Department with Library and Technical Staff Members

Recently I wrote to the NITLE Instructional Technologist listserv about naming a department with library and technical staff members. I have received a number of replies and want to share the results and elicit additional contributions. Below is the original email sent along with a link to the open spreadsheet.

Please pass along this blog or the link.

Good day all.

This email is geared toward understanding the naming conventions of groups/departments that consist of reference librarians, instructional technologists, and/or other technical or library staff. Here at Sarah Lawrence we have recently begun the process of merging reference librarians, instructional technologists, and a web developer into a group called – Research Instructional Group.

Previously Academic Computing was the name of the department for our instructional technologists and the web developer.

I have made a Google Spreadsheet editable by anyone with the hope that I, and others in process or interested in this concept, can see what type of name standardization has, is, or is not happening within academe.

Naming a Department with Library and Technical Staff Members

Thanks to any and all that are able to contribute.


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