Student blogs can win cash for college

Dennis Carter, Assistant Editor of eCampus News offers up a great opportunity for students interested in earning money for school… Blog.

In a move not unlike social networking sites CollegeNET asks student to “…decide who gets thousands in scholarship money every week.” The more people you network with and get to know the greater audience you will have to win cash for college.

Karissa Snow won $5,000 in scholarship money just by blogging and winning her peers’ approval. She’s among 40,000 students vying for tuition cash every week on CollegeNET, a web site that lets current and prospective college students post blog entries on a myriad of topics. The student who receives the most votes from CollegeNET members every week wins thousands for college.

“I was very drawn to it immediately,” said Snow, 18, who lives in Washington and will attend the University of Hawaii and major in business this fall. “I’ve definitely made a lot of people aware of it.”

With weekly money to be had any interested student can look to earn fund, establish or add to their online identity, promote their interests, meet new people, and even earn money for school. So… Students, what are you waiting for? Faculty and staff… Get the word out.

Peering beyond the immediate focus – cash – this type of networking is fantastic because it builds networks based on content rich blogs and provided an opportunity for future collaboration and promotion.

CollegeNET –

Original Article (Thu, May 14, 2009) – Web site CollegeNET reportedly has given more than $500,000 to college students to pay for classes


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