Tech Survey – Results Preview

The first SLC Tech Survey ended yesterday morning. Results are in and a review of the responces and questions are underway. While we sort through the data I thought it might be interesting to post some details from the survey.

The total number of complete responses was 548 (1561 students were invited). This means 34.79% of the student body responded to the survey, a huge success.

This time of year is stressful to students because they are working on multiple conference papers – typically 20-30 pages long though sometimes they are shorter and sometimes they are longer. For the past two years Academic Computing and the Help Desk have been sending out notices to students offering suggestions on how they can back-up their work. At every Committee on Student Life Meeting I attend, near the end of each semester, I remind the student body, faculty, and staff present of the amount of free space available in Gryphon Mail. This year it is over 7 GB. It is something I approach the advisory with slight humor and with substantial importance. Based on our practices – email and in person reminders – the student body has listened and taken advantage of Gryphon Mail in ways we could not have predicted. Please see the graph below:

GM backup important files

Click image to enlarge

Your Gryphon Mail account can store over 7GB of emails, documents, and attachments. Do you use your Gryphon email account as a backup of your important files?

Yes, primary backup – 30.02%
Yes, but not my primary backup – 39.23%
No – 28.36%
No answer – 2.39%

Considering the numbers of visits to the Help Desk over the past two years this explains a great deal why fewer and fewer visits have been about lost data due to hard drive failure. Students are using the cloud as a key method to backup their work. More importantly they are using a SLC provided service. Fantastic!

It is often concluded that students are aware of school policies because they have been told and/or they have access to information online, in the student handbook, they can ask a faculty or staff member, etc. We wanted to know if students knew about SLCs email policy regarding official email communication. The numbers obtained were very surprising to some. Please see the graph below:

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

You are responsible for reading all emais sent to your SLC email account from SLC administrative offices. Were you aware of this policy?

Yes – 41.80%
No – 58.20%
No answer – 0.00%

Since we have only begun a review of the data we have not discussed how, other than presenting the information in a survey, students can be informed/reminded of policies. I’m sure ideas will come about in future discussions.

A full report will be posted on MySLC in the near future.


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