Rock the Vote ‘Widget’

I am presently working with a colleague to implement the Rock the Vote ‘widget’ onto the library web page. This was initiated in the hopes of reaching more SLC students, faculty, and staff to register to vote. The choice of the library page was made based on the default image used for all computers on the Academic network. The default page on all browsers is our library page –

With this in mind all students, faculty, and staff using a computer on the Academic network will see the Rock the Vote logo the moment they launch a web browser.

Additionally, a Rock the Vote logo will be placed on MySLC (our ERP and LMS), pending approval from certain key administration. This will put the opportunity to register to vote in front of the entire SLC community in every web browser launched and any time students, faculty, or staff access MySLC to check their bill, schedule, look for jobs, search for a class, faculty, or staff member, etc.

For tracking purposes a Rock the Vote account was created to track all registrations on the library page, a second account will be created to track all registrations on MySLC.

SLC may not have a large population but in the present political era we hope for all of our community to take part (regardless of their political affiliation). If you’re a member of the SLC community, please spread the word to register and more importantly, to vote in November!

Update July 11: The Rock the Vote widget is now live on MySLC.


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