Google Mail + Remember the Milk = Task Management Goodness

I’ve been using Remember the Milk (RTM) on and off for a year or so. A number of really great features were available when I signed up but now one particular tool has been released that makes me smile – Integration with GMail and Google Apps.

I have opened in my browser a window for my personal email (GMail) and work email (Google Apps). I installed the RTM plugin and then selected which list should display in each. Personal for personal and work for work. Voila! I know what I need to do at home and work.

Another great tool… Applying a label can automatically create a new item in my RTM list. So if something comes in to my work email that I need to do all I need to to is apply a label. I will not only see the label but I will see a new item in my task list. Oh, right, it’s free. Wonderful. Simply wonderful.


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  1. Thanks for the tip. I also used RTM on and off for a while now.


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