It’s cold, want some

Yes, hai, and oui! All together now. That is what is all about.

“The easiest way to publish, collect, and share what you’re creating, thinking about, or discovering online.”

Say you use Flickr, YouTube, and LiveJournal on a regular basis. You post a really cool pic that you want all your friends to know about, the next day you upload a video of your cat getting bathed, and at the end of the week you write about a frustrating experience. Right. You want everyone to see everything right? Of course.

Your busy friends are clicking between every account. From this site, to that one, to another one trying to see what might be new. Or you have some savy friends that have RSSd all your feeds and therefore have an ever growing list of RSS feeds. Say your 5 friends have a Flick, YouTube, and LiveJournal account. That’s 15 accounts/RSS feeds.

No more. brings it all together. I added my Flickr, YouTube, Digg submitted, Digg dugg, eBay, delicious, and my RSS feed from my personal web page to this page — 

It’s all there with. No web hosting fee. The theme can be changed with a few clicks. Good at CSS? Hop to it within the theme settings tab. You’ll need only one other thing to bring it all together if you don’t like as your URI – a domain. ” If you own a domain, you can make it point to Soup.” That’s straight from the custom domain tab. Already have a site but you want to put on your site? Add the RSS feed into your site. Wham-o. You’ve added all your external account activity to your personal page.

Mash it all together and share with everyone your digital stone soup. It’s mmm mmm good.


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