NITLE in Atlanta

Open-source Productivity and Collaboration Tools User Community Meeting

Sigh. I plugged in the video cable to my MBP just as I was about to present and saw something… A solid bright white light. No, I didn’t die. My MBP froze when I connected the projector. Meh. Why is this happening to a 3-4 week old MBP? Switching topics.

I wrote during the day but have to re-create my thoughts thanks to the crash. Eli wrote during the day. Read his post here. Here’s my 2 cents…

Zimbra filled the morning conversation. I can easily understand why so many schools are interested in switching and why their table was overrun during Educase in Seattle (thanks for the heads up Sean Jameson). One of the negatives involved a pre-existing agreement with Microsoft. Due to the licensing agreement with M$ it is often cheaper to use Exchange than Zimbra despite Zimbra’s low cost.

That is an altogether different topic so I’ll side step it. For now.

My presentation went well-ish. In trying to provide an understanding of the past and present at SLC I know I lost valuable time for discussion. A number of wonderful questions were ask that I plan on addressing during our soon to be scheduled Non-Disclosure Agreement conference call. All the same, since SLC has only moved student accounts the conversation is still fairly straight forward. Student’s are happy to have a better email system and that they get to keep their email after they graduate.

To re-cap the sitrep at SLC – A discussion with faculty liaison’s is in process to determine how best to address email in the future. Nothing is on the table for staff (yet). Policy is one of the largest impediments for both groups.

During the breaks one of the rolling conversations involved calendaring. Of course, everyone’s event is very important, but determining the best delivery, management, and storage tool is still in the debate circles.

Open Office + Ubuntu has gone over well in a lab, and on campus, at a small school in PA. In fact, nobody even noticed that the change (from XP + Office) had been completed in the lab. Another interesting idea that helped everyone involved the creation of an Document Standard Policy. Simple and effective. Well done.

I hadn’t heard of this app before – Wink – It’s an open source version of Camtasia.

During the wrap-up I brought up the idea of policy as a future topic NITLE with the consideration of it becoming an online collaborative piece of their puzzle. Hopefully it will become a working project very soon. Everyone recognizes it as boring, the recreation of the wheel, and essential… And yet few have found time to create, discuss, and implement any.

Calendaring (event info, distribution, and storage) and testing new projects together (ex: Zimbra, Google Apps, Koha, etc.) are two other hot topics of interest within our peer institutions.

The next time I’ll speak to the Google Apps topic will be in April at the NITLE Summit in San Francisco. Any new details I learn about Google Apps Education Edition will be posted as I learn about them.


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  1. I think the Ubuntu and OpenOffice lab implementation was at a small seminar in Indiana. In case you need to hunt down the details.


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