Gryphon Mail for Alumnae/i

This afternoon a discussion on how best to invite and support the SLC Alumnae/i took place. Yes, SLC wants to stay in contact with you. Recently an online community was launched specifically for you. Nearly 1,500 alums have signed up. But what does that mean if you want to join other SLC online communities – such as facebook?

There is little worry now on how to provide accounts to the Alum Community. The biggest question is: How should they be supported?

With nearly as many people in the online community as there are active students the support staff could find themselves overwhelmed by support requests.

I’ve been advised by Bernie (at Lake Head University) that he will have someone from the Help Desk give me a call. In the mean time I’ve posted a request for help to the SMALLCOL listserv.

Something interesting to note regarding the SMALLCOL listserv. I have had heard from two schools asking me to share the replies I received – Cedar Crest College and Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering. It looks like schools want to make the jump to Google Apps… More thoughts on it later.


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