Google Apps – Campus Wide?

gm logoWith the school year in full swing the student body is now fully migrated into their new Sarah Lawrence email system – Gryphon Mail (aka Google Apps) – at

During the summer migration faculty began asking about a move to Gryphon Mail. Their reasons are their own but it is primarily due to past experiences with the present webmail server/app – Squirrel Mail. The product has not seen much care over the years and has thus become a hindrance to those using it.

Yesterday I spoke with Bernie Blake of Lake Head University about their complete migration to Google Apps. That’s right. Students, faculty, and staff – a user base of >10,000 – logs on to Google Apps for their email, calendar, etc. Lake Head is one of a handful of colleges that have gone to Google Apps. ASU is planning to migrate their faculty and staff but is waiting on a few additions/updates before fully migrating. This is from an article I read dated in March. Things have possibly changed since that article.

According to Bernie, the worst thing Lake Head is dealing with… SPAM. Isn’t everyone? Not in this way. It appears that a significant number of false positives have been a thorn in LHU’s side. Oddly enough, mail from the domain is making its way into the SPAM folder. LHU’s staff has been working with the Google Team to resolve this issue which can only work to benefit the larger Google Apps community.

Putting aside the SPAM issue and having hind sight as their side – LHU is happy with their decision to be in the place it is. The SLC community is calling for a better system; will it be Google Apps or Microsoft Exchange for the faculty and staff? Only time, and a number of meetings, will tell.


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